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Dimitris Kollias

Dimitris Kollias
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Dimitris Kollias
Reference : 1963-2017

Dimitris Kollias was born in Piraeus, Athens, Greece at 1963. He became fascinated with the aegean waters and fish early on. At 18 he shot his first “rofos” – grouper, a legendary fish among Mediterranean spearos. He wrote articles for Greek diving magazines and became editor-in-chief of two. In 2002, he published his first book, “Spearfishing, the Full Method”. In 2004, he and Nic Kouvaras started Deep magazine, dedicated to spearfishing and freediving. He is a former member of the Greek National Spearfishing Team, a CMAS freediving Instructor, and Judge for AIDA International. Foremost, he is a passionate spearo. From June2007 he belongs to the club of the “happiest spearos on Earth” as he landed his first two bluefins, up to 40 kgs