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Christos Simatis

Christos Simatis
Christos Simatis
Reference : ESRA1300
Christodoulos (Chris) Simatis

Corfu Greece

Owner of spearfishing and sea equipment shop at Corfu Greece.

2014 Participation at 29th world spearfishing championship with Greek national team (reserve).
2013 CMAS 3* freediver certification.
2013 Second place at team Greek national spearfishing championship.
2012 World Record certification by IUSA, specie Dicentrarchus Labrax.
2011 World Record certification by IUSA, specie Dentex Gibbosus.
2010 Aida 4* freediver certification.
2009 World record certification by IUSA, specie Lichia Amia.
2009-2014 Board member of the Corfu’s spearfishing club.
2006-2012 Partner at spearfishing magazine Deep.