Classes of Awards

Classes of Awards
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Classes of Awards
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European Records

Only fish speared and landed according to ESRA Rules may be considered for European Record status. All applicants must carefully follow the requirements for filing claims. All materials submitted become the property of ESRA.

World Record

All the world records ratified by IUSA that are registered in European geographic territory are automatically included in the official list of ESRA European Records, regardless of the applicant’s nationality.
Therefore, spearfishers whose world records are ratified by IUSA need not submit an ESRA application to also hold an European Record. Any European Record which also establishes a World Record by weight, will be considered as an ESRA World Record, regardless of its IUSA certification or not. All IUSA Records that have been previously presented to ESRA and refused will be not considered as an ESRA European Record.

Notable Catch

ESRA Worldwide Notable Catch list will include:
1. All former ESRA European Records
2. Catches that are very close to the European Record, but meets all but one of the ESRA rules and therefore cannot be approved as an official Record.
3. All IUSA World Records held by european citizens for catches that occurred outside of the european geographic territory.

Meritorious Award

ESRA will award a Meritorious Award to catches that are exceptionally large or are a rare specimen, but meets all but two or more of the ESRA rules and therefore cannot be approved as an official record. To qualify for a Meritorious Award, the catches must be verified by an official institution such as an association, federation, club, or similar. The eligible catches must be legal and usually fished for consumption, and may or may not be included in the list of species eligible for a record, including eels, shellfish, and cephalopods.
Applications for the Meritorious Award may be submitted without a photograph of the weighing procedure, however, applicants must submit a photo of the diver with the specimen to qualify.