Common Dentex

Common Dentex
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Common Dentex
Reference : 2019.11.09
Scientific name: Dentex dentex
Weight: 13,173kg
Diver: Taras Kos
Location: Mljet
Country: Croatia

In the evening planning session with two of my friends, Blaž and Klemen, we made a decision for the next day to check some good spearfishing spots on island Mljet. The next day, on November 9th, we went there with my RIB and arrived at around 9:00 am. We started the session as usual; first I dropped Blaž on his spot and went with Klemen some 500m further where I left him. Another 500m away I anchored and went spearfishing myself. So we made this first round. For the second round I decided to check on a position I know well and where I already hunted a few big Dentex last year. I was approaching the spot and was looking from the surface for some activity, when I suddenly saw a school of big Dentex without even diving. I decided to remain on the surface, watching and to find the right moment to dive. When that moment came I moved stealthy to a rock at 6m depth to find some cover. There I waited for 2 minutes but none of the big Dentex came within the range. I repeated the next dive in like manner at a depth of 11m and after 20 seconds of waiting I saw 3 big heads moving towards me. I made a trick that intrested one of them and drew him into the shooting range. I pulled the trigger. The hit was not precise. He pulled cca.70m of the reel line and hid under a rock at 30m depth. I tied my speargun to the shore and went searching him. When I found him a saw that he was exhausted, hiding under the rock and still on the shaft. So I grabbed his tail and took him to the surface. There I realised that this was my biggest Dentex...yeah!