Dusky Grouper

Dusky Grouper
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Dusky Grouper
Reference : 2023.04.05
Scientific name: Epinephelus marginatus
Weight: 6,315 kg
Diver: Dimosthenis Adamis
Location: Andros Island
Country: Greece

I saw the grouper swimming under a hole while i was halfway on my descent and i turned on my actioncam.
After swimming all around the rock, i found a small opening from which in the shadows, i could hardly see the silhouette of the groupers head.
I released the polespear placing the shot on the right gill plate.
The grouper moved and got stuck further in under the rock but after about 10 dives, i managed to release the fish and pull it out back through the way it went in under the rock.
I swam back up holding the fish in my hands full of joy for a catch that i had been struggling for 4 years to achieve!