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Référence : 2017.11.10
Scientific name: Gimnocranius grandoculis
Weight: 4,9 kg
Diver: David Ochoa
Location: Madagascar
Country: Madagascar

The day started as a filming trip. We did some cool footage with turtles and then decided to go chase some fish for dinner. We drove to a small patch of reef, 10 miles from shore that comes from 35 to 29 meters deep. There wasnít a lot of fish but I managed to shoot a decent job fish. I decided to do one last dive before going to another spot. As I was getting close to the reef I saw a new species, that I had never seen before, swimming slowly away from me. I chased him a bit but had to risk a long shot. The shaft got in close to the tail and popped between the fishís eyes. Nice stone shot and I swim back up. On the way back I called Eric Allard, told me what species of fish it was. He was actually the previous record holder for this fish. In the end of the day we did a nice grill and shared a couple beers with good friends.