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Reference : 3.0

3.1. Spearguns
The gun must be charged with muscle power only; no explosive or compressed power as CO2 gas is allowed.
Should a speargun stores energy, this stored energy must provided by the spearfisher's muscles power only. The gun may only release that amount of energy that the diver has provided to it from his/her own muscles. Common temporary energy storing sources for spearguns are: rubber, spring, and compressed air.

3.2. Terminal gear
Trail line or reels are allowed. Floats of any size are allowed, provided they are solely propelled by the diver. Floats that use motors or any other mechanical means are prohibited.

3.3. Assistance to capture
Divers must pull their fish to the surface while they remain in the water. Once the fish is subdued and at the surface, the diver may receive assistance to gaff the fish from someone in a safety boat.
Another diver or crew member may pass unloaded spearguns to the diver, provided that secondary spearguns and associated gear meet the regulations established in Section 3.1.
The cables used to pull the fish into the boat must not exceed 3 meters in length.
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