General Rules

General Rules
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General Rules
Reference : 2.0

2.1. Divers must be freediving when they spear and land their catch.
The use of artificial breathing devices is not allowed at any time (e.g., to retrieve the speared fish).

2.2. Divers may leave the water to obtain additional equipment, but the diver must reenter the water where exited (allowing for free boat movement) and continue the pursuit by free swimming. Using a boat to pursue the catch is not allowed.

2.3. If a diver looses contact with his floats and can no longer see them, the diver may reenter a non-moving boat and "spot" the floats.
The diver must then reenter the water where exited (allowing for free boat movement) and free swim to regain contact with the floats. Under no condition may the diver utilize the boat to regain contact with his floats.

2.4. Due to the potentially dangerous aspect of using bait, lures, or other teasing and attracting devises, the ESRA does not encourage the practice. However, it is allowed in all forms. If bait or chum is used, the applicant must declare this in the record application, and during the narrative for recording purposes. A detailed description of chumming is not necessary; simply provide a statement such as "working a chum line."

2.5. Fish must be free-swimming, unrestricted by nets, traps, fishing lines or other devices.

2.6. Fish must not be in an artificial environment or a protected marine area biosphere, such as penned-in bays, in close proximity to nets or fish rearing pens, or in areas closed to fishing and/or spearfishing.

2.7. The catch must follow all laws and regulations governing the species or the waters in which the fish was caught. Species that require special or limited permits will not be considered by ESRA deems that all applicants should have equal access/advantage.

2.8. Another diver may provide a second or additional unloaded gun to the spearfisher, provided they do not assist the diver to subdue their catch in any way.

2.9. Fish mutilated by anything other than the spearfishing equipment of the applicant are not allowed.
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