George Askew

George Askew
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George Askew
Referencia : 1936-2015
George Askew is a south african spearfishing pionner. He traveled around the world as journalist and adventurer. He wrote about himself the following description:


Current mission

Looking for a place where I can put down roots and to see as much of the world as I can afford and meet new friends.

About me

Peter Pan. Called this by some as I don`t grow old, am young at heart and adventurous and don`t like to be pinned down. My sons have another name for me- COB [Crazy Old Bastard].
I have been fortunate to live a very full and often highly adventurous, exciting, dangerous life. I am now on my 50th country [over many years].
ave left S Africa as it is going downhill very fast and is a very dangerous place. Whites are not appreciated and work is impossible to get if you are 50+ and white.
I have been a Freelance writer / photographer and have been published around the world. I have an international reputation for sharks, spearfishing and diving.
I am rather intelligent and articulate and have many fascinating stories to tell.

I don`t take shit.
Don`t lie to me.
Don`t cage me in.
Stop killing my planet.
Enjoy life, live it to the full. Suck the juice out of as you would an orange. You only have one (life - not orange! LOL) at a time!


And also:


I was the main mover and driving force in opening up the Zululand and Moçambique coasts to diving, and was the 1st beyond the surf at the then remote Sodwana Bay, back in 1959. And for this honour almost had my legs taken off by a big Bull shark that took two bites at me for trespassing and on the 3rd time I pulled my foot out of its mouth. It came back at me three more times, these times head on, before it was chased off.:martial
I am the founder or or 'Fatheríof the Dive Shop industry in Africa, starting S Africaís 1st Dive Shop (George Askew Underwater) in 1965. It started by selling only Spearfishing equipment (Thus also making it the country`s 1st Spearfishing shop).
I was the 1st in S Africa to custom build spearguns and underwater hunting gear accessories. My guns and gear carried a 200lb fish guarantee and were used by all the top divers in Southern & East Africa and landed many huge and record fish. My stuff never broke. One of my custom reel guns was the first to land a fish over 227kg (500lbs).
I had two dive shops ìGeorge Askew Underwaterî and ìThe Divers Denî plus two Commercial Diving contracting businesses ìDiving Enterprisesî and ìDiving Marine Incî in Durban, and wasa North Sea sat Diver.
I also had "Skindiving Promotions SA" for promotions and my Import/Export business, plus Carter/Askew accessories that morphed into Impax then Manta when I started making wetsuits and guns.
I was for many years S Africa`s top Shark Hunter having shot more sharks underwater than any other diver in Africa - which made me one of the worlds top too, ñ before it became unfashionable to shoot them, as we learned more about their vital role in the sea.
I have nearly been eaten by these beasties on a few occasions.
With my good friends Diving Icons Ron & Valerie Taylor I was 2nd unit underwater cameraman on the Great White Sharks sequence, whilst making the movie ìBlue Wildernessî for National Geographic in 1992, when we did the ground-breaking worlds first dive without a cage or any other protection amongst these ñ at that time feared monsters - [who were feeding too] - an Underwater Everest conquest in underwater exploration.
I was the 1st to be awarded Honorary Life Membership of the Wahoo Diving Club due to landing the first (Rare at that time) Wahoo.
I have landed many big fish over 50lbs including two over 300lbs [330 & 336] and lost 2 monsters +- 750 & 1000lb.
Due to unforseen circumstances I have not been very physically active in spearing for too long, but follow whats happenning.
I intend getting back into it in 2013.
I am a King CRAB of the secret spearing group the CRABS.