Joseba Kerejeta

Joseba Kerejeta
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Joseba Kerejeta
Référence : 1968-2016
The rumor now has become the worst and most odious reality. We just confirmed the family who knows the text editing and has given approval for publication. Joseba died Kerejeta (Durango, 1968), all individual champion of the world spearfishing 2008-2010. The unique vizcaino adventurer champion Spain spearfishing in 2006, had traveled to the United States to give a lecture and was on a boat with a good friend when he has killed .

Kerejeta, a maximum portent in sport and reference in the world of fishing and diving, had suffered years ago, a descomprensivo accident, so he was forced to abandon the high competition and even retired him in his work of fireman Derio. That same year, his colleagues paid him a warm farewell.

Weeks ago, he competed in the championship of Biscay diving and spent the first sleeve; but not the second. Kerejeta, well known, loved and pride and admiration in Durango, was born in 1968 and is married to duranguesa Ainhoa ​​Uriarte. The couple had two girls. One is 2 years old and the other turns six next May 2.

Biography of an SUV · Joseba Kerejeta, was the overall individual champion of the world spearfishing 2008-2010. He took the title in Isla Margarita (Venezuela) where the XXVI World Championship was held during the October 2008 month.

In addition to this, his greatest sporting achievement, has under his belt with the Championship of Spain spearfishing 2006 and third place in the Euro-African 2009 championship held in Algeria, nine championships of Euskadi won during the years 1996 and 2010, and other important achievements in various state and international championships.

Enjoys nature · Joseba born and raised in Durango in 1968. According to its website tells: "He was always a restless and very independent child. I used to escape from the care of their parents to go play the woods near his home, to climb trees, set traps, and what he could hunt. Even as a child, he could intuit his restless nature and his love of nature. It was about from the 12 years during trips to the beach, which Joseba began to dabble diving and enjoy what today is one of his greatest passions, the sea. What at first was a game, gradually began to become something that Joseba spent much of his time ".

Joseba was a great traveler. When he was little more than 20years, made his first major trip to America as an assistant on a sailboat across the Atlantic from the Canaries to the Caribbean and has since toured five continents making spearfishing their livelihood and how to integrate into the communities.

All these trips have given Kereketa a great knowledge of the different seas, oceans and fish, besides allowing him to accumulate great experience and new diving techniques, making Joseba, a fisherman "off-road".