Juan Vilarrubis Ferrando

Juan Vilarrubis Ferrando
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Juan Vilarrubis Ferrando
Reference : 1925C.-(?)

One of the few existent pictures of Juan Vilarrubis, co-founder of the spanish dive brand Nemrod

Was Juan that made the conception and drawing of most of Nemrod products.

In the picture we can see a spring rifle, Asteria dive mask with compensation bags, tube and fins, everything from Nemrod brand.

Nemrod was founded in 1935 as a toy company, in 1941 joins to the siblings’ firm Vilarubis and they begin to manufacture masks, spearguns and other dive products. Starting from 1945 they manufacture regulators very similar to CG45, also marketed starting from 1945. This similarity will create a legal process for the property of the patent in the USA, that Cousteau’s Spirotechnique brand will losing.

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