Len Jones

Len Jones
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Len Jones
Référence : 1928C.-(?)

Len Jones is a South African diving legend and author.
As sayed Allan Jackson, “Fishing has played a large part in Durban's history providing both food and recreation for a section of the city's populace. Len Jones has been an active fisherman in the region for almost all his life and has turned his experiences to good effect by publishing three books of memoirs.”

The three books are written by Len in a lively humourous way and chronicle his long fascination with fishing and the sea. They are crammed with incident and many close shaves with the elements, dangerous denizens of the deep and the 'long arm of the law', all of which periodically tried to interfere with his fishing actvities.

True, the books are largely concerned with fishing in its various forms but they are by no means too technical or boring for a non-fisherman like myself. There is still plenty of interest and much light cast on what it was like to live in the Durban of those days. The books are profusely illustrated with photos and Len's own drawings.