Lichia (Pole Spear)

Lichia (Pole Spear)
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Lichia (Pole Spear)
Referencia : 2021.03.23
Scientific name: Lichia amia
Weight: 10,70kg
Diver: Dimosthenis Adamis
Location: Greece
Country: Greece

A friend of mine informed me that he saw a feeding frenzy happening just 30m away from the shore!The next day i decided to visit that spot with a breakaway system attached on my polespear.I was swimming along the coastline when i saw a group of seaguls diving and fish jumping out of the sea! At that moment I knew that once more it was a feeding frenzy happening about 80m away from me! I swam that way and on the first dives i was seeing injured sardines swimming near the surface but none of the large fish i saw jumping around.After a couple of dives the big leerfish appeared from my left side and started moving in a circle around me.I turned on the camera and slowly started swimming towards the fish at about 12m of depth. I managed to get close enough and made the shot at the belly of the fish,trying to avoid the hard parts and in order to get a good penetration all the way to the other side!The fish started pulling the banjee like crazy and i was hoping my shot would be good enough to hold it till it was exhausted.Finally after about 3-4mins the fish stopped pulling and i was finally able to pull it back up and grab it by the tail! It was certainly the biggest leerfish i had ever caught and i was lucky enough to do it holding a polespear!
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