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Reference : 6.0

6.1. Applicants must photograph and record the verification of the fishs weight, length (fork length and total length: see application form), and girth. A measuring tape made of a material that does not stretch or shrink, even when wet, must be used. Length shall be measured with the tape stretched straight above the fish (i.e., not conforming to body contours). Girth shall be measured with the tape conforming tightly to the thickest portion of the body.

6.2. Weights calculated from length and/or girth shall not be accepted, however, a meritorious award may be made for a fish that exceeds both the length and girth of the current record.

6.3. Applicants must have witnesses present for the weighing and measuring of their catch and submit as much documentation as possible with the record application.

6.4. Extreme care should be exercised in measuring the fish, specially when the measurements are important for weight verification and scientific studies. (See the measurement diagram on the record application to be sure you have measured correctly.)