Pollack (Pole Spear)

Pollack (Pole Spear)
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Pollack (Pole Spear)
Reference : 2017.09.04
WORLD RECORD (Pole spear)
Scientific name: Pollachius pollachius
Weight: 4.9 kg
Diver: Stéphane Dudon
Location: Norway
Country: Norway

Top le matin sous le pont de TUSNA. Je descend je me mets a l'agachon le long du pilier. Le pollack passe entre moi et l'autre pilier. Je lance le Polespear. Je remonte le poisson jusqu’à la surface puis au bateau. Early morning under the bridge of TUSNA. I go down I put myself to the agachon along the pillar. The pollack passes between me and the other pillar. I launch the Polespear. I go up the fish to the surface and then to the boat. If you want i take a vidéo Intégral :