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The following European Record rules are based on the philosophy of sportsmanship and excellence in spearfishing. Spearing a fish, whether record size or not, requires the hunger to:

1. Apply extensive knowledge of fish behavior to successfully stalk and spear a fish
2. Expertly understand, rig, and operate spearfishing equipment to land a well-placed, effective shot
3. Possess in-water skill to successfully hunt and capture a large fish.

Although the European Record rules were designed to ensure the diver captured the fish using fair practices, it is impossible to predict whether a particular fish was easy or difficult to spear and subdue.
Only the individual spearfisher can properly evaluate the degree of difficulty in establishing a European Record. Although ESRA hopes that all spearfishers will attempt a European Record catch, the organization cautions and reminds divers that spearfishing is a recreational sport; no risk to human life is worth any record or any fish. Additionally, ESRA encourages all spearfishers to seek the highest level of education to successfully enjoy the sport of spearfishing while remaining safe from any and all injuries. ESRA strongly admonishes that no diver should attempt any record venture without the proper preparation and education, and in dangerous situations, abort the dive to seek safety.

For the purpose of a European Record, spearfishing is defined as the capture of a wild gamefish using a muscle-powered speargun while freediving. Only fish captured in accordance with the ESRA rules will be considered for a European Record. In keeping with the philosophy of ethical and sportsmanlike spearfishing practices, freedivers must subdue their catch without outside assistance.

Each application received by the ESRA will be reviewed by the Records Committee and approved by the ESRA Board of Directors. The Board of Directors cannot vote on a record in which they have a personal or commercial interest.
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