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Reference : 1964.08.18
Species: Xiphias gladius
Weight (non-verified): 99,5 kg
Diver: Donato Gerbino
Location: Italy
Country: Italy
Source: IUSA Meritorious Award

Donato Gerbino , the fisherman, has been a very famous spearfisherman in Europe . The day of the record he was on the beach having lunch with some friends. People started to recall his attention because he felt a “shark” was swimming in the bay . A couple of “wings: were visible on surface …… With the help of a couple of friends he took a tender and with the small outboard engines they went to the “big fish” swimming on the surface . When closed to the fish Donato jumped in the water and he swim fast to be the closest as possible to the swordfish. w/out any doubt he pointed the head and shot the target. The harpoon had no line . The swordfish reacted and moving fast disappear from his view . The watched around but they didn’t see anymore the fish . Donato went back to the boat and they returned to the beach … Some time later other tourists started to call again …there was a lot of blood in the water and it was clear that the “fish” was going around the bay. Donato jumped again on the boat and looking for the “blood” the found the sword fish . The swordfish reacted in a very aggressive way by pointing Donato . He was able to move to a side just when the fish went through and he shot for a second time. This time the line was connected to the top of the boat but the swordfish broke it and escaped . However the 2nd shot was good enough to create additional bleeding and disorientation to the fish . Donato found the swordfish to the bottom with its blade into the sand. It was still alive but not able to react . A third shot in the head and by using his knife several other times……. He was finally successful and he was able to recover the fish up to the surface and bring with the little boat up to the shore line .
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