Vieille Commune

Vieille Commune
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Vieille Commune
Référence : 2017.12.06
Scientific name: Labrus bergylta
Weight: 3,205 kg
Diver: Israel Rodriguez Casas
Location: Asturias
Country: Spain

Every weekend we are a small group to go spearfishing, usually to Cabo Justo's zone, in the coast of Asturias. Although i bought my first boat recently, as a motor problem appeared, we went that day for a shore dive.

When arrived to the zone we decided to dive, we discussed a little about where exactly we must go and we decided to go to an area that we know well, to try to take advantage of the good conditions that day. The day was excellent, with sun, little wind, no waves. The water was to 15 degrees and the visibility about 4 meters, that it is the ideal visibility for our area. With cleaner water the fish is more afraid and spearfishing becomes plenty more difficult.

Usually we use to dive near the coast, in the shore breaking area, where the fish hunting, looking for food, as we do. But as the sea it was very calm, I decided to try the offshore zone, about 500m from shore, in an area where it had never dived. As the tide was very low, I found some submerged rock i didn’t know, with big caverns, where swimed some big “sargos” (Seabream). I picked some of them with a nice size and suddenly i saw one bigger than all others, with more than 1kg, in the most dark zone of the cavern. When i decide to shot the fish, a big brown shape showed up a figure in the other end of the hole. Was a very big fish that I didn't notice what was. I thought that was a “Mero” (Dusky Grouper), but there are no Mero, so it must be another kind of fish.

I returned to the surface without shooting, I dove again down under, and inside of the hole i found the “Sargo”, now more afraid, but the other big brown fish had missing. I noticed that the “Sargo” won't be there a long time, and decided to shot. I brought the fish to the surface and I dove again. This time I saw the fish, that I noticed then to be a Pinto. But the fish hide himself in an inaccessible area on the cave and I had to made several dives until getting to have a good shot position. I made not a good shot, but the possible shot, and in the return to the surface had fear to lost my fish because the way the shot was bad, but i keep the fish strongly lose to me just to the surface.

I was very happy with this capture, for being a special fish, very good to eat, but also because i began to spearfishing only 18 months ago and I cannot go a lot of times because I am widower and I have a small son. Of every time that go hunt is always a special moment to me and it’s because that this capture was so special and give me a great happiness.