White Seabream

White Seabream
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White Seabream
Reference : 2020.01.25
Scientific name: Diplodus sargus
Weight: 2,875kg
Diver: Sérgio Gor
Location: Sagres
Country: Portugal

As the conditions were good, I went diving on a area that I know well, near Aljezur, on the north coast of Sagres. The day was not very cloudy, even a little bit sunny and the water, although it had some strong waves, seemed quite clear.

When I entered the water, I realized that the water was even cleaner than it looked. I started to move away from the coast, with a bottom of sand and rocks. In some zones, I could see the bottom at 14 meters deep, which is really unusual in this area of ​​coast.

I went catching some fish, a good size congers and some crabs and at one point I saw few sea breams eating near the surface. The fish were calm, but when I approached they swam quickly to the bottom and fled down a stone corridor. I decided to chase the fish and a little further on I realized that they had hidden inside a hole. There was fish movement outside, so I decide to not approach the cave and started to catch some sea breams around de cave. Then I approached the rock where the fish seemed to have catched and outside, at the entrance of the hole, I saw the biggest of all. I fired and caught the fish in a good position. Then I went to peer into the hole, there were several, all of them big but smaller than the first one. I caught a total of 13 fish, in and outside the cavern and returned to land about three hours later. I went out on a small beach near where I had left my car and people on the beach, mainly foreign tourists, took several pictures of the fish, but as I didn't know them, I didn't have keep any pictures to myself.

I photographed the fish only when I arrived home. Before that, I stopped at the coffee store where I usually go near my house and the fishermen who were there told me that they haven't seen such a large seabream in a long time. I have already caught large Zebra seabream but normal seabream this was the largest I have caught to date.