Atlantic Cod (Women)

Atlantic Cod (Women)
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Atlantic Cod (Women)
Reference : 2020.08.06
Scientific name: Gadhus morhua
Weight: 11,10 kg
Diver: Kelsey Albert
Location: Denmark
Country: Denmark

In Denmark, we dove several ship wrecks on a nice calm day. One wreck lay at about 18 meters and held big fish. The visibility was very poor hazy 2-3 meters on the surface at 16 C. On the bottom, it was 1-2 meters visibility and 7 C. Current was mild, but building strongly. We had a 30 minute window to get it right before the current became undivable. My Fiance Kalle Sjølund spotted me for safety, as these wrecks can be very dangerous to dive. When I dove down, I could make out the giant white belly of a huge cod in a hole in the wreck. I shot through another smaller cod and hit the target fish. So then I had two angry fish to pull out of this ship wreck. I did not allow the fish any slack on my reel and pulled hard like a horse I wanted to stop. I gently let out slack on the reel as I made my way to the surface, not letting off too much tension. I got both fish to the surface successfully and unassisted. The fish was over a meter long with a head the size of a basketball. I was ecstatic because getting cods this big in Denmark is very difficult. I have been working for months to find the right kind of wrecks to find the big cods and very happy with the results of a lot of hard work. Getting a trophy cod in Denmark always requires hunting holes very deep and must be earned.